Tuesday’s Oval Office immigration speech: “This is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.”

Abso-total-lutely! Exactly what we’ve been saying all along.

We agree with what the president said. For America, the immigration nation, to be building walls to keep those legitimately seeking refugee status from having the chance to make their case is unconscionable. It is inhuman. It is Soulless. It is against everything that actually makes America great.

All our ancestors came to America from somewhere else, most of them pretty recently. Those of us whose ancestors came freely owe a continuing debt to those who repaid their own debt by allowing our families the chance for a new home and for new opportunities. With no way to repay this debt to the past, we are obliged to repay to the future. This is the American way. Immigration is how we grew to be a leader among nations. Continued immigration is the only hope we have to persist in our leadership. And it’s also brought us the tasty food that gives this country Soul.

Were the President’s speech writers intentionally trying to co-opt the message of our Soul box tribute to the immigration that has always made America great, or did they just arrive where they did by their own hard work? We may never know. But we won’t sit silently while they try to replace the goodness at the heart of the American Soul with trumped up fear and hate. So through Sunday, free Soul pins with any purchase, good deals on both the Original Soul box and the Mini Soul box, too.

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And my email address is down there below if you want to tell me I’m wrong, but if you want to have success with being for anything other than robust American immigration you need to come up with something new. Immigrants absorb crime, receiving more than they commit, leaving the rest of us safer for their presence. America has 1/7th the immigrant population of Germany with lots of virtually empty states out West; we have the room. No human is illegal, but our immigration laws are. We closed open immigration for the purpose of keeping America a “white nation” to please the klan; that’s not constitutional.

And since it’s become the new thing to quote Animal House in legal proceedings, “We need the dues.” The arc England and France were on from the start of the 20th century to the start of the 21st is the very same arc America is now on. Economies are no longer simply about production, but equally about consumption. Clearly we Americans are maybe even too good at this, yet still to not be playing a distant third to India and China at the end of this century we simply need more Americans. Refugees make great Americans. Let’s gather in as many as we can. They need help. We can give it. Everybody wins. Tasty food, too.

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Thanks for making it possible to be us,


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